Maylo won the Crystal Apple Award with its commercial film and proved its greatness once again. (22nd June 2009)

Starting out with the motto “Maylo the Great”, the most specific feature of Maylo is its size which is twice as much of the similar products. Because, one roll of Maylo toilet paper and paper towel is equal to two standard rolls.

Maylo’s advertising campaign exactly emphasized on this feature. The campaign prepared by Güzel Sanatlar Saatchi&Saatchi consists of three commercial films as two of them related to toilet paper and one of them to paper towel. In the commercial films which were fictionalized on jokes based on Maylo’s size being twice as much of the standard papers. The first film shows a kid being sent to a grocery store with a toilet paper attached to his back and in the following film both of the children are mummified together with a Maylo toilet paper. And the last film shows a shot put world record distance being measured with a Maylo toilet paper.

The commercial film which the kid was sent to the grocery store received the Crystal Apple Award in Home Care and Cleaning Products TV Film category. Thus, Maylo that has stood out amongst the powerful brands in a very well-established market in a short period of time achieved a great success both in marketing and communication fields. The copywriter of the award-winning commercial film was Emrah Akay, the art director was Kerem Altuntaş. The film was directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak.

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